You are ‘YOU’

Life is a journey between birth and death. What makes it special depends on how much we explore. Each one’s journey is unique and beyond comparison. There could never be a scenario where journey of two independent person is identical. Oscar Wilde realised this in 19th Century and said, “Be yourself. Everyone is already taken.”.… Continue reading You are ‘YOU’


Knock on Opportunity

SELRES_0703be8e-facf-4779-a907-dd2696389e05“Opportunity knocks the door only once”SELRES_0703be8e-facf-4779-a907-dd2696389e05 is one of those quotes that we repeatedly hear now and then. This ancient quote could try to mean that opportunity is valuable in life and should not be missed. But it has also led us to presume that opportunities are limited, luck needs to be on our side… Continue reading Knock on Opportunity


When mind matters

Most of the time we are informed about success stories of great people across profession. Two things that remain common in all those stories is hard work and belief. Doesn’t it look so simple to succeed? Hard work is a form of dedicated effort and passion. But to really make things happen you need to… Continue reading When mind matters


Train your Brain

We live in a world surrounded by modern day technology that minimise our efforts. In this process, we could sense that technology supports us carrying out various activities which where earlier performed with the support of ‘Brain’.  Today, we have Google to let us find an answer that we know, we have mobile to let… Continue reading Train your Brain


Teach Failure

Our education system is so great that it teaches so much to learn in life – Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and much more but it fails us to teach the most important lesson in life – Handling Failure. It itself is a subject on its own. Failure to handle failure leads to devastating results –… Continue reading Teach Failure


Value people not things

In, Three Thousand Stitches, author and chairperson of Infosys Foundation, Sudha Murty sheds light on some of the prevailing biases in the society. One such incident was her own experience in London Airport. Sudha Murty, in her salwar kameez, was waiting in a queue to fly business class. A high heeled lady with Gucci handbag… Continue reading Value people not things


GAAR – Curtailing Tax Avoidance

Introduction The India growth story has attracted significant foreign direct investment. Foreign investors have been subject to aggressive tax planning to make arrangements / create artificial structures for tax avoidance. Tax authorities have consistently ignored the legal form of an arrangement and looked at its actual substance. In most countries, the doctrine of substance over… Continue reading GAAR – Curtailing Tax Avoidance

Technology, Thoughtful

Success Story

What determines success? Success may not be a derived equation to follow with. But it’s a thing which could well be determined.  Then what is that, that could determine success. Lets see few concepts that could lead to success: 1.Dream: ‘A dream is a succession of thoughts, images, sounds or emotions which the mind experiences.’… Continue reading Success Story