Streaming device’s and 3 C’s

Overview TV streaming devices that turns your TV smart are the need of the hour. It gives you the freedom of choosing media content that are available in plenty. There are various options available - In smart TV’s we have android TV’s (from US$ 300 in US / ₹ 30,000 in India) that can literally… Continue reading Streaming device’s and 3 C’s


Google Event – October 2017

Overview Samsung and Apple have done their part to take technology a notch above in 2017 and now it is Google’s turn. Last year Google axed the nexus model and came up with in-house designed Pixel and Pixel XL. Though the sales weren’t as expected, we heard a lot about their first generation phones, especially… Continue reading Google Event – October 2017

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Apple Keynote – September 2017

Overview It is one of those days where the technology looks upto to know what’s in store. I’m no exception. Was before the screen in time to catch up with this event. To commensurate ten years of iPhone, the event was happening for the first time in the newly built ‘Steve Jobs’ theatre. Lot was… Continue reading Apple Keynote – September 2017


Galaxy S8 – One-month review

Overview Samsung is always known for commercially exploiting innovative designs (with a bit of success). They constantly maintain their market position by exhibiting that ‘more’ is always better. ‘Note’ series - larger phones and stylus ‘Galaxy’ series – Water & dust resistance and edge screens Samsung hit their lows in 2016 due to ‘Note 7’… Continue reading Galaxy S8 – One-month review


Permanent Establishment – Time is immaterial

Introduction In the last decade or so, globalisation has become a strategic element in business economy. With the rise of globalisation, businesses are now spread to the length and breadth of the world expanding their business and at times inadvertently creating a presence in a foreign soil. Such presence may be termed as ‘Permanent Establishment’… Continue reading Permanent Establishment – Time is immaterial


Surface Pro 4 – 3-month review

Overview In July 2013, I had the first-hand experience of ‘Surface’ in a showroom in Singapore. Surface was Microsoft’s vision of merging personal computing experience in the form of tablet. Hybrid design, detachable keyboard, all-in-one device… was all new and made me feel that it’s the future. But then it was a tablet with mere… Continue reading Surface Pro 4 – 3-month review


iPhone 7 Plus – 3-month review

Overview Come September, Apple and Samsung launch their flagship phone. Not just that, it’s the time for me to own the latest gadget. Two years back as Apple introduced its first large screen phone, I owned my first iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks to Tim Cook for not following the principles of Steve Jobs.… Continue reading iPhone 7 Plus – 3-month review

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Success Story

What determines success? Success may not be a derived equation to follow with. But it’s a thing which could well be determined.  Then what is that, that could determine success. Lets see few concepts that could lead to success: 1.Dream: ‘A dream is a succession of thoughts, images, sounds or emotions which the mind experiences.’… Continue reading Success Story